444 Online Poker

Welcome to 444 poker. 444 poker is a poker guide that I started to help other poker players avoid doing the mistakes I have made while learning to play poker online. Here you will learn about everything from choosing the right poker room and how to evaluate poker bonuses correctly to how to play 444 (three of a kind in fours) in an aggressive ring game. Here you will also find reviews of poker rooms that I've registered with and played at. The poker reviews are based solely on my own experiences and honest opinions. They will not simply be a way to promote whichever poker room is paying their affiliate most at the moment.

Now that you know what this site is all about, let's take a quick look at what poker really is. Poker is a name used for a number of different related games. All of them are played between players that are fighting over the pot, i.e. the money the players bet. There are also casino poker games that differ from regular poker games as they are played against the bank, not against other players. Here's a guide to all casino games: www.spelaspel.se/casino/. The bank always has an edge in these games and will always win in the long run. For this reason, I do not really think these games should be referred to as poker games as a poker game is a game if skill (with an element of luck) and not a game where one part has edge no mater how good the other party is.

Another type of poker games are the games offered by video poker machines. These machines allow you to play different games based on draw poker. Some video poker games have a pay rate of over 100% if played perfectly and hence gives the player who play perfectly an edge over the bank. This makes them more deserving of the name poker than the casino poker games, but I still think that it is wise to look at regular poker, casino poker and video poker as three different things that have developed from the same origin.

Even regular poker games can be very different from each other. Some are played with community cards, others are not. In some poker types you get to see some of your opponents cards, while in others you do not. Some types of poker use regular hand value, while other types - usually referred to as low poker games - put most value on the lowest hand. Yet other poker types split the pot and make both the best and the worst hand a winner. There are even poker variants where you do not always get to count all your cards. One such variant is Badugi where you are only allowed to use one card of each suit and if you got more than one of the same suit only one of them counts and any hand containing more cards than your will beat you. Add to this that no game of poker ever is like another and you soon realize that it is a game that will keep you on your toes and remain exciting and interesting for you no matter how much you play it. There will always be more to learn. Hopefully this site will be able to help you as you start your journey into online poker and allow you to learn from some of my mistakes and become a winning player in no time.