Casino Poker

Casino poker is a name used for a group of different poker games that are available in casinos. All these games are played against the bank and usually offer the bank a big edge. Examples of casino poker games are Caribbean stud poker, three card poker and casino hold-em. Video poker are poker games available in casinos but are usually not consider casino poker games. They belong to their own group containing all different video poker games. You can read more about video poker on our page about video poker games.

Casino poker games are not available in online poker rooms since thy specialize in games between players where there are no bank and were they can take a rake without any stake in the game. Casino poker games are however available in online casinos and there are many online poker sites that also offer online casinos. This is however far from true in regards to all poker rooms. The biggest poker room in the world, pokerstars, is an example of a poker room that does not offer a casinon. Poker rooms that offers casinos as well require you to download a separate software for the poker room and the casino. They also often require you to transfer the money between the poker room and the casino to be able to use them in both.

If you are already a member of a poker room that features a casino as well you are usually entitled to a welcome bonus if you start playing in the casino even if you already received a poker bonus. Casino games are almost always good games to play to earn the bonus as they usually count at 100% or even 150% towards the wager requirement. You should therefore try to get as big a bonus as possible if you plan to play casino poker games a lot.

Depending on what type of casino poker you want to play it can be very easy or rather hard to find the game you want to play online. If you as an example want to play Caribbean stud poker than you can choose any casino (preferable one with a high bonus) because you will find this game in all online casinos. If you on the other hand want to play casino hold-em it is best that you check that the casino you plan to join offer it before you register because it is far from all casinos that offer it even if it in no way is a rare game.

Casino poker games give the bank a sizable edge even if you play perfectly and if you enjoy playing these games you should consider it an entertainment but at the same realize that you most likely will lose money over time unless you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot. The jackpots can often be quite sizable. The bonus games offer the bank an even bigger edge than the normal game but can still be interesting to play if the jackpot is big enough. In the end it is up to you if you want to bet the extra money to have a chance at the jackpot.