Choosing a poker room

When you first get started playing online poker one of the first decisions you have to make is to choose an online poker room. This will be the first but likely not the last time you will need to make this decision, This is due the the fact that if you like playing poker online you are likely to get accounts at several sites over time. I do not want to scare you but choosing an online poker room is not a decision to take to light hearth-idly. Choosing a good poker room is important to make sure that you get a good online poker experience. Choosing a bad one might turn you of what could have been a wonderful hobby and a good source of income.

Simply choosing a poker room because you have seen a lot of advertising for it and they offer a good poker bonus is seldom a good way to choose a poker room. You should instead try to spend some time online reading reviews of online poker rooms such as the ones you can find on this website. This will help you to find a poker room that suits you. Read more than one review on each poker room to get a more complete picture of what the poker room offers. A big poker bonus might be nice but should never be a reason in itself to choose a poker room. Almost all poker rooms offer welcome bonuses and they do not differ from each other that much so it is better to choice a good poker room and get the bonus they offer.

When you are choosing a poker room you should make sure to choose one that offer good support in your language available by phone, live chat and email. Ideally they should call you up if you tell them to by entering your phone number on the site or in the software. You should also make sure that the poker client itself is available in your preferred language. Another important consideration is that they offer banking options that suit you. Make sure that you check both deposit and withdrawal methods as some banking options often only are available to deposit money but not for withdrawals.

If you want to be able to play in your smart phone you should make sure that the poker room offer an app that permits poker playing using your particular smart phone. If you are a Mac user you should make sure the poker room has a Mac client. Many but not all do.

You will need to ask yourself what type of poker games you want to play and at what level before you choose a poker room to be able to choose a poker room that can provide you with a lot of action. The best room for someone who wants to play low limit Texas hold-em might not be the best room for some one who wants to play Omaha or even high limit Texas hold-em. If you like to play a less popular poker game such as Badugi you might have to look around a little bit to find it. You should also consider whether you are looking for a poker room to play tournaments in or if you want to play cash games. Once again, the best option for single table tournaments might not be the same as the best poker room for cash games or for multitable tournaments. A good place to start you search is often The biggest poker room in the world.

If you are American you also need to check if the poker room accept American players. Most donĀ“t due to US regulations and the potential legal problems of accepting American players.