Learning Poker

The online poker revolution have not just created a lot more poker players and made poker a lot more available. It has also made poker a lot easier to learn. Today you can find loads of information about how to play winning poker all over the internet. You can also find a lot of poker books in book stores written by some of the very best poker players that will help you learn to play poker. You can observe online tables to see how people play online and watch poker on TV. It is however important to understand that the poker you see on TV in the end stages of tournaments is far from the poker you should play in lower level cash games. Trying to mimic what you see on poker shows will usually just make you lose and cost you a lot of money.

If you decided that you want to start playing poker, visit poker-poker.se. It's a great guide where you can familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and basic strategies. This can easily be done by reading a few guides online or a poker book. I recommend that you start by learning Texas hold-em since this is the worlds most popular poker game. Once you feel you know the basics of poker you should consider joining a poker room (put not deposit any money). To learn more about how to chose a poker room you can visit our page on the topic. Almost all poker sites have table where you can play using play money and get some experience playing poker without having to risk losing any money. Spend some time at the free tables and gain some experience but do not get to cocky if you win because people play a lot differently using play money than they do playing for real money. Free poker and play tables are therefore good for getting to know the game mechanics of poker but will not teach you much about how other players play or tell you anything about your skill.

When you feel comfortable at the play tables it is time to deposit some money and start playing real poker. If you prefer to play micro stakes you can ignore what bonus the poker room offer because it is likely to expire before you get it playing at those levels. If you prefer to start playing with a little higher stakes you can consider the bonus because your chance of earning it is than a lot better.

When you first starting playing for real money you will notice that the player will start play a lot tighter and better than they did when you played at the play money table. This is a difference you will notice when you go up in levels and start playing with bigger stakes as well. You should not be surprised or depressed if you lose money at first after you start playing for real money until you adapt to the new game conditions. This is normal and a reason to start out play at micro stake tables. If you do this you will loose a lot less money before you get better and the cost of learning will be a lot lower than if you start playing at higher level right of the bat.

As you get better and better and your bankroll grows you can start playing at higher and higher levels.

A tips to help you become a better player is to play both tournaments and cash games as this will force you to learn more different strategies and help you be able to vary your game more. This will help in the cash games and tournaments alike as you become less predictable..