Poker Types

There are a lot of different poker types out there and you could argue that poker do not refer to a game but rather a group of games where the players battle to win a pot. This is however mostly a semantic distinction and not really important for the wast majority of us. What is important to know is that there is a lot of different poker games and that poker can offer great variation to a player that plays several types of poker.

Most players prefer to play primarily one type of poker that they find to be the most interesting, the most exciting or the most profitable but when you first start playing it can be a good idea to try different types of poker games to find your favorite type of poker.

Some poker games that you can commonly find online are:

(all poker games below are played with a regular 52 card deck without ay wild cards or jokers)

Texas hold-em poker

Texas hold-em is a poker game where each players get 2 personal hole cards that only they are allowed to see and 5 community cards. Once the players have received their hole cards a betting round is completed before 3 cards, called the flopp, is placed in the middle of the table face up. These are community cards and can be used by anyone to create a hand. The flop is followed by another round of betting. Once this betting round is completed a 4th card called the turn is dealt face up. This is followed by another betting round and the a 5th card called the river is dealt. Once the river is dealt a last round of betting take place before the show down. The winner is who ever can create the best 5 card hand using any of the 5 community cards and 2 hole cards. The player can use both, one or none of the hole cards to create the best hand. This is the by far most popular poker game in online poker rooms and is therefore described in more details than the rest of the poker games below.

Omaha hold-em

Omaha is similar to Texas hold-em and uses the same betting pattern but differs in some key aspects. In Omaha 4 hole cards and 5 community cards are dealt. The player need to use exactly 2 of those 4 hole cards to create the best possible hand. Whomever has the best 5 card hand using 3 communal cards and 2 hole cards at the show down wins.

Stud poker

The most common types of stud poker is 5 and 7 card stud. All cards are individual in stud poker but some of the cards are dealt face up for every one to see. Whomever has the best visible hand is usually first to act in stud poker. The winner is whomever has the best hand at the showdown.


Drawpoker is more common in living rooms across the world than it is in online poker rooms. Draw poker is the classic poker game where the players get 5 cards and get to decide which cards to keep on hand and which to discard to draw for new ones. There are no open cards in drawpoker which makes it more about psychology than any other game. This is due to the fact that there are no information available about the opponents cards and you can never be sure to be the winner unless you got a royal straight flush. Video poker is based on Draw poker.


Badugi is a very different poker game that is somewhat rare online but that can be found on several big poker sites. Badugi is a draw poker game. The goal in Badugi is to get as low a hand as possible without pairs. You are dealt 4 cards and you are only allowed to use one card in each suit. If you have more than one card in a suit only the lowest will count and you will have a 3 card Badugi hand instead of a 4 card Badugi hand. To have a 4 card Badugi hand you need one card in each suit. Any 4 cards Badugi hand will beat any 3 card hand. Any 3 card hand will beat any 2, card hand and so on. Badugi allows 3 draw rounds.