Video Poker

Video poker is poker played in machines or online. In video poker you do not play against any opponents, instead you get paid certain multiples depending on what hands you get. Video poker is based on draw poker and you get to discard card and draw new cards to improve your hand one time during each game. Video poker are not found in online poker rooms but rather in online casinos. There are many sites that offer both poker and online casinos and on these sites you can usually play both regular poker and video poker but you will have to log in to different software to do so. It is important to know that many online casinos do not count video poker towards the wager requirement for the welcome bonus in the casino. If they do they usually only do so to a very low percentage. It is therefore usually best to not accept the welcome bonus if you think you will only play video poker.

Video poker is a unique casino game. If you play certain types of video poker, choose full pay machines and play perfectly you will actually have an edge over the bank and the pay rate will be over 100%. In other words, if you play these machines perfectly you will win money than you lose over time. Full pay machines are available in online casinos and these machines will pay more than 100% over time in the online casinos as well if you play using a perfect strategy. You can find plenty of strategy guides on how to play perfectly online. It is not hard to learn to play perfectly.

During recent year two new types of video poker machines have started to show up. These give the bank an edge but can be very fun to play. These types are level up video poker and power poker video poker. Level up poker allow you to climb a level every time you win. If you win again on higher levels your winnings will be multiplied by a certain factor depending on what level you are on. If you loose you drop back to level 1. Power poker allow you to play up to 100 hands using cards from a 100 decks at the same time. The action you take on your main hand will be multiplied over all hands. This type of poker makes it possible to win or lose a lot of money quickly.

You should always play using maximum bet when playing video poker. If you don't the odds will not be in your favor because you will get a lower multiple if you hit the royal straight flush.

The most commonly played type of video poker is the classical Jacks or better video poker. This is the perfect beginner video poker game since the rules and strategy is easy to learn and there are no wild cards to keep track of. Jacks or better is as the name suggest a game where you win if you get pair of jacks or better.

Other popular video poker games includes deuces wild, joker poker, all American, tens or better and all aces.